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We don’t find the tragedy of life in failure but in complacency


Why do we become so comfortable in our complacency and yet constantly complain?

We read research about the bedding /linen industry written in the US in 2020, and it has many gems in it. One of the gems is, and we quote, “The presence of premium bedding products, combined with the functional benefits, is aiding superior performance in the industry, indicating a demand for home bedding products.”

What is wrong with this sentence, you might ask? Everything is wrong! The linen industry has not changed one functional benefit in 20 to 30 years.

The lack of innovation

We have the duvet cover with either buttons, Velcro, studs, or ribbons as fasteners at the bottom, but we still have to exert ourselves to physically get the inner into the cover. We have yet to meet the person who enjoys this. It is an absolute pain.

The way we make our beds has not changed apart from the fitted sheet. It is a new addition to the linen range, but even that has been with us for quite some time.

Being a change agent is challenging in any industry, especially in an industry that primarily focuses on Chinese “Egyptian cotton” and different coloured materials.

What makes Duvibuddy a world first?

Duvibuddy decided a couple of years ago to do something about the complacency in the linen space. We designed the only 3-way zip duvet cover in the world. And yes, it is all patented, trademarked, and Proudly South African.

The next challenge was to find a South African factory to make our products as our vision is to create jobs and make unique South African products.

All the entrepreneurial books and talks we listened to said jump in and do it. The concept might be an excellent slogan for Nike, and we love it. But when most South African factories say no to new ideas and designs, you start to wonder why you had this fantastic idea in the first place.

All the factories we contacted were not keen to change their production lines to accommodate a new design.

You have got to keep going

We persevered for close on two years until we found a factory with a GM who was willing to give it a try. People say Capetonians can be change-averse, but if not for this God sent GM and his exceptional staff in the Cape, we would still not have our product range in the market.

The start of something great

The team worked with us until we perfected all the items, and from there, the 3 -way zip found its way into a few homes of friends who were willing participants in testing the prototypes. Since then, we have gone live with our online store in November 2020.

Going back to the US research mentioned at the top, this really is a functional change that South Africans brought about in the linen space. It is incredible to see the look on people’s faces when they click or understand the concepts and designs and see just how easy it is to place a duvet inner with our directional labels at the bottom of the inner, in our 3 -way zip duvet cover.

As easy as 1,2,3, and you just zip it right around. No shaking, sweating, and cursing, just a mere placement and zip it up. The next question we received was, do the zips last? Yes, yes, and yes again. We have been selling and using the products in our friends’ and families’ homes for the last four years, and no zip has given any problem whatsoever.

The exciting times ahead

We have broken the complacent and dreary way of inserting an inner into a duvet cover. We hope that all who sigh and feel that resistance welling up when they must wash their linen or make their beds can experience this fantastic product.  We are busy creating more innovations in this space, but this is a chat for another day.

Our lives begin to end when we become silent about things that matter.

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Joe Diedericks is a web developer and blogger after failing as a wanna-be rock star. This combination left him with several sleepless nights until he started developing the DuviBuddy website and started sleeping on the Zip-ID pillow. He now enjoys several great nights of deep sleep as he contemplates taking over the world... as a rock star.

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