As Duvibuddy’s founder, my pet hate is bedding made with no thought given to either the bed connoisseur or bone-tired person who’s ready to drop into bed at the end (and sometimes even at the start) of another exhausting day.

We are here for all of You. The jet-lagged jobbers, the worn-out workaholics, the pooped professionals, the bushed business owners, the frazzled freelancers, the dog-tired daddies, the sleepy super-mommies, knackered kiddos, trendy teenagers and the up-to-date Grannies and Grandpas. We stand for all you bed perfectionists who refuse to take shoddy sheets and dishevelled duvets laying down.

You deserve bedding perfection. Your bedroom should be your peaceful place, your haven, your quiet cocoon, your docking station and your recharge zone.

You deserve to float away on a cloud of sublime comfort, your head supported by your perfectly puffed pillow, your body wrapped in the gentle embrace of your ultra-light duvet inner effortlessly enfolded in its crisp linen cover.

After all, the Stone Age is over. Making your bed and laying in it should be feel-good therapy, not fiddly and tiring grudge chore drudgery.

That’s exactly why we’ve spent every waking moment creating the original Duvibuddy 3-way zip Duvet Cover, so you won’t have to lose another second’s sleep wrestling with yours.

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