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Does size matter in the bedroom?

Does size matter in the bedroom?

Does size matter? The age old question, especially when it comes to the bedroom.  Well, when it comes to the size of linen it certainly does matter.

We have been blogging about quality of sleep and have discussed the right temperatures and what the sweet spot is for each and all as we are so differently wired.

The most common problems for couples sharing a bed are:

  • Tug of war with the duvet as they are really not wide enough.
  • Different body temperatures ,as one is cold and another is hot.
  • Bed connoisseur versus bed havocker. One likes a neat and tidy bed and another kicks and shoves the duvet and this ends up in mutual frustration.
  • Pillows getting mixed up as it is hard to tell whose pillow is who’s.

We at Duvibuddy have lived through this and size does matter when it comes to Duvets. Another big plus when it comes to our linen is that quick and ease of changing covers or inners should take minutes instead of hours.

We have 2 additional sizes called the Comfort king ( 280 x 230 cm) and the one I absolutely love is the Emperor king ( 295 x 230 cm). Depending on the height of your King size bed the two mentioned sizes are bliss for people who sleep in one bed.

I love tucking the duvet on either sides of my body when I am ready to leap into dreamland. I do not have to tug or pull any duvet away from my partner. It made me feel bad pre the Duvibuddy era. I really felt like a bed monster and knew that size matters for bed bliss.

One Size does not fit all

I can hear the Doubles and Queens saying but what about us, and yes, we have catered for you by encouraging customers through our unique labelling to upsize to a Queen duvet or King Duvet for the respective bed sizes. Viola you have width and length… no more power struggles for any couples.

Our 3-Way Zip duvet covers open from end to sides so that any duvet inner can easily be taken out and replaced in a jiffy. No more shaking and jumping, only placing the inner in the cover and zip it.

We are really a 2 am bed spoil dream as well in the day time the look is so modern and setting a new trend. This is really an innovation of note and helps changing or turning beds so quickly. And no ….the zips do not break and or scratch you.

Toddlers, Millennials to Millennial minded Grandparents love this concept.

Last but not least our ZIP-ID pillows assist with identifying your pillow which is sacred to most. It also gives you control over your pillow whereby you can add or take out the extra carded virgin microfiber to your heart’s desire. No more being unhappy with your pillow density or your partner sleeping on YOUR pillow.

It has been said that Duvibuddy is a company to take note of…. as they have innovated where others remained complacent regarding linen concepts.

Size matters with duvets and linen so that we can show we care for each other.

Love and blessings from the proudly South African Duvibuddy Company.


About Jolette Walters

Working for multi-national corporations and traveling the world for business, Jolette founded a company with the goal to improve on products around your house and for travel and adds a modern touch to the old way of doing things. Starting with DuviBuddy for the bedroom, and most recently Catcchii for the on-the-go business woman's hair, she develops product lines that is focussed on easy living.

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