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King Size Pillows are not equal

King Size Pillows are not equal

Buying King Size Pillows are not the same as buying a King Size bed. Nor is buying any other pillow size the same as buying any other bed size.

Let’s first establish that buying a bed and mattress is normally something you do once or twice in a lifetime. It is not an annual headache.

A few years ago I went though the process of upgrading from a double bed to a king size and after testing a few options we finally found what we were looking for at bed shop situated in Menlyn Retail Park. Now as part of this purchase we opted to also get the recommended pillows that are big enough for the King Size bed. It made sense at the time.

We took the pillows filled with micro fibre with us in our car and the next day our bed was delivered. Fantastic! Made up the bed, placed the new pillows and waited for sleep to arrive to break in the whole new sleeping experience.

Moving from a double to a king is a whole new ball game. There is a so much space that you have no idea where to start sleeping. The west side or the east side. It is like Donald Trump would say, HUGE!

It was however a terrible experience.

Nothing wrong with the bed or the mattress, it was the pillows. Even with microfibre they were stuffed too hard and to be honest I could not fall asleep until I finally went and got my old pillow.

King Size pillow trust

Pillow-trust does not really exist, but it should. I think there should be a rule in sales that if you recommend something, you should actually have experienced the product. When I say experienced, I mean that you went beyond just inspecting the product and reading the manual, I mean you actually used the product. In the case of pillows, I want to be able to go to your house and see that you actually sleep on it.

We bought the pillows on the recommendation of the sales assistant who told us they are specifically made for king size beds and because they are filled with microfibre, they are better than “memory foam” pillows. Well he was wrong and I wasted money.

We tried to give the pillows to our kids in the hopes that they would love the increased size. I have never heard so much judgement coming out of a teenager’s mouth the morning after. Grumpier than their usual levels due to the lack of sleep. Questioning whether they are really loved and appreciated, because if they were, they would have been gifted with better pillows.

To be clear, I did tell them it was regifted because I could not sleep on it because quite frankly it was the worst pillow in the world.

Life goes on until the next mattress

We learn from our mistakes and a few weeks ago the search was started to find replacement mattresses for a the judgemental teens. I am going to stop short of calling them lazy, but am going to be honest and say that they do spend more than the average expected amount of time on their beds.

This time I was at another bed store at The Grove Mall and while the teens were testing mattresses I decided to see what has changed in the pillow department.

Well, nothing much.

You still get the same boring options and they are all hard. Stuffed with enough Microfibre that it can be used as a weapon for self defence during a home invasion.

Between the first purchase and the most recent shopping experience nothing has changed in that department. It does not make sense. Why provide a superior mattress with inferior pillows? Do you not want to give customers the best sleeping experience by ensuring the whole package guarantees great sleep?

Am I biased when it comes to pillows?

Yes I am biased. I am however telling you that DuviBuddy pillows are better because if you walk into my house, all the beds have them.

Before I was converted, I bought what was recommended by the stores and to be honest, I feel like a fool and I feel cheated out of my money. You are sold the promise of a great sleep and they mess it up when it comes to the pillow options available.

However, if I did not go through that bad experience I would not have been able to appreciate the DuviBuddy Pillows as I currently do. I would not have experienced the benefit of opening up the zip and being able to stuff or remove Microfibre filling from the pillow to my preference. I would still be stuck with my head on what I call bricks, and waking up with a stiff neck each morning.

So for me there is a disconnect in the industry and in part, the purpose of this blog is to raise awareness for future customers and tell them what DuviBuddy pillow owners already know; all pillows are not equal.

And I would like to take it a bit further and expose my pain a bit more. I paid more for two king size pillows from a reputable store than what I paid for 4 pillows from DuviBuddy. No use in crying over spilt milk they say. Well I am hoping this post helps you with your research before you make your next pillow purchase.

It is like building a puzzle

Sleep health is important and there are a lot of factors to consider. The mattress, the sleeping environment, pillows, duvets, sheets…

Where you lie your head is probably one of the MOST important parts of this puzzle. Personally I started looking at this piece of the puzzle when I started having extreme neck and back pain each morning. The mattress was fine, it was summer so I didn’t bother with linen. I spend a good few minutes hitting my pillow into shape to find the sweet spot. That is until I changed and got the DuviBuddy pillow.

My first one was the standard pillow size and I have recently upgraded to the king size. It took me two nights to adjust it by adding and removing the filling till I found what I call “heaven”.

I don’t think that we realise how important this piece of the puzzle is in our lives. It goes beyond the average 7 to 8 hours we sleep at night. If that experience is a horrible one, it influences the rest of our waking day.

A good nights sleep is the most important thing you can gift yourself and those around you.


About Joe Diedericks

Joe Diedericks is a web developer and blogger after failing as a wanna-be rock star. This combination left him with several sleepless nights until he started developing the DuviBuddy website and started sleeping on the Zip-ID pillow. He now enjoys several great nights of deep sleep as he contemplates taking over the world... as a rock star.

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