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Your Duvet Cover for winter should not be too hot

Your Duvet Cover for winter should not be too hot

You take the duvet cover and tuck it firmly below your chin. You make sure your shoulders are covered and you wiggle your body under the weight of it all to find that sweet spot. Once you find it you are finally ready for another South African winter night. 

This applies to all of us and I have also been on that list for the last 42 years. I find that after a while I start feeling too hot and then I take my one leg out from under the duvet cover to get some cold air on it. This is normal and we as humans do it to regulate our body temperature when sleeping.

An interesting thing happened to me last night. I started feeling the symptoms of flu throughout my body. I eventually felt like I was burning up and got out from under the covers, and the 50 other blankets on the bed. Eventually I took a light breathable blanket to cover myself and finally fell asleep again.

The previous week I planned to write a blog about the relationship between sleep and our body temperatures, so this experience gave me a first hand look at the physical reaction to heat during sleep.

Your body temperature during sleep

When we sleep our body’s core temperature slowly drops to put us into a peaceful slumber. However, a study by Eus J W van Someren found that the skin also plays a big role in controlling the amount of heat we loose during sleep and helps balance our body’s temperature.

Most studies point towards the belief that a controlled sleeping environment from a temperature perspective, is more beneficial to improve the quality of sleep.

In my case I control winter nights with the thickest of duvets and a bunch of blankets. As stated before I got rid of these the previous night and opted for a more lightweight approach to stop myself from burning out, or spontaneously combusting.

The DuviBuddy Solution

I already have my whole house sleeping on the DuviBuddy ZIP ID pillows and this winter the next step will be getting the 3-Way ZIP Duvet Cover with the All Season Inner.

3-Way Zip Duvet Cover T300

R1,199.68R1,899.78 incl VAT

Inners – All Seasons

R1,649.68R2,829.78 incl VAT

Pillows With Zip IDs

R450.50R475.50 incl VAT

My goals are simple. I want to avoid what happened last night. Let me tell you a bit more about the product and how it will help.

It comes in a T200 or T300 cotton percale options. Cotton is known for being a breathable material in contrast to the cheaper options available at our local “linen shops”. It is also more durable and will last for longer. Gone are the days when you have to buy a new duvet for your room because your current one looks aged.

You zip it open and insert the All Seasons Inner. Now this is genius. It is two inners filled with microfibre clipped together.

  • In Spring and Summer you only use a single inner-the Summer inner and
  • In Autumn you use only the Autumn inner.
  • In Winter you simply clip the Summer and Autumn inners together and voila, you have a warmer inner which gives you perfect protection against the cold.
  • I have to add another important comment in here, The 3-Way Zip Duvet Cover makes it so easy to change between the different options mentioned above that you will never look back and buy any other inners or conventional covers again. This innovation is long overdue in the bed linen space.

So gone are the days where you have a separate closet to store your winter duvets in for winter. Let’s be honest. Modern housing developments are not big on storage space and this is a space saver.

Let’s talk Microfibre

The inners are filled with what is called virgin microfibre. This means that it is made from combed microfibre and is of a higher quality, all impurities have been removed.

Microfibre is hypoallergenic and lighter. It doesn’t have to go through 8 washes like goose down in order to remove dust and allergens. One simple wash will provide you with a clean and healthy sleeping cover.

The fact that it is lighter also means that you do not have a heavy weight on you when you are attempting a peaceful sleep. Benefits people, benefits.

Sleep should not be a science

We have enough on our plates with normal lives and sleep should be as simple as getting into bed and doing just that, sleep.

We should not have to worry about our choice of linen, but the thing is, if we get it wrong, sleep is not as peaceful as we intend for it to be.

Luckily DuviBuddy does the thinking for us and considers the science behind a peaceful night’s sleep. And this winter, sleep science will be a distant problem for me.


About Joe Diedericks

Joe Diedericks is a web developer and blogger after failing as a wanna-be rock star. This combination left him with several sleepless nights until he started developing the DuviBuddy website and started sleeping on the Zip-ID pillow. He now enjoys several great nights of deep sleep as he contemplates taking over the world... as a rock star.

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