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Bed making and bliss

Bed Making with DuviBuddy

When it comes to bed making, Thobo has many years of experience in the housekeeping industry and has made many beds in her lifetime. The beds ranged from single all the way to King extra length.

She takes pride in her work and has learnt so much about the running of houses, people and at present what it means to be part of a team who is building a business with products that she can use on a daily basis and really believes in.

Thobo is a mother, a grandmother a widow and has experienced joy and pain like we all do in this beautiful and complicated world of ours. She has dreams for herself and her children to excel in this world through hard work and dedication.

According to Thobo

The biggest frustration and time consuming function when it comes to bed making,  is putting a duvet inner into a cover which looks like a huge pillowcase with studs or buttons at the bottom of the duvet, that seldom work.

The studs are not easy to align and to press into one another or the buttons just never last or is so time consuming especially if you have many beds to turn. Another big challenge is struggling with the fitted sheets because you do not know which is top or bottom or even left or right and end up pulling it over one corner just to slip off another.

Often you end up running around beds like kids would around a rugby or soccer field. Have you experienced getting pillows into narrow pillowcases ? This could become a Virgin Active exercise….actually the whole bed making experience should be used by gyms as it is a workout of note. From a physical health perspective this affects shoulders , arms and backs of many people who make beds for a living or people who clean their own homes, and there are many people doing their own housework with the economic challenges we are all facing.

The bed making struggle

To give one of many examples is of me making a King size bed and struggling with the direction of the inner in the Duvet cover. It did not fit and was clumping in the corners on the sides, or too long in the length. It took 3 attempts with me ending up on the bed in tears and I am a tough woman and try to not cry over frivolous things. After an hour or more I was eventually successful and felt drained and the pain in my shoulder and arm was with me for days.

When DuviBuddy started and I was asked to try and test the prototypes with the developers , I could not believe how easy it was.

Having quality inners with directional labels which is a zip arrow at the bottom of the inner with the size label and placing it first time correctly on the 3-Way Zip duvet cover with its size label clearly displayed at the bottom-end to ensure you have a match, was heaven to me. It takes me less than 3 minutes to place the inner in the 3 –Way Zip cover for an Emperor king set which is 295 x 230 cm. For Queen and all the other beds it takes me between 1 to 2 minutes tops.

No pain and pure bliss

No more shaking and running rings around and on top of a bed. DuviBuddy products do not cause a stir they are gently placed.

The ease of putting the fitted sheet with their directional labels on the mattress correctly and not running around the bed is a bonus. Knowing which pillow is who’s through the zip – id which is coloured zips at the one end of the pillow which can be used for pillow identification or to adjust the density of the pillows, and getting it into the spacious pillowcase is an extra added bonus. The quality of the products is really amazing and I love to work with them.

I take pride in my work and each of us play a part in making life easier at the Homefront. I want my people at the end of a busy day to not worry about which pillow is who’s or about the inner or fitted sheet that is not correct on the bed. If we each do our part it makes life so much easier especially if we have the right tools and products.

My body feels no pain or shoulder aches at all anymore. I was so impressed that I bought DuviBuddy for my own home and family. I cannot buy or work with any other brand. DuviBuddy has also become a second income stream for me and it is enhancing my career and future because I really believe in this and am part of this amazing Proudly South African start – up.

These world class concepts are developed right here in South Africa and I feel so proud to be part of this.

What’s next

There is so much more to bed making. In my next blog I would like to focus on washing and ironing tips as well as tips for in and around the home.

My first tip under Thobo’s tips is, please make life easier for yourselves and or the people working for you by buying Duvibuddy products. My preference is the 3-Way Zip duvet cover.

As I always say, “thanks for everything” and for reading my first blog.


About Jolette Walters

Working for multi-national corporations and traveling the world for business, Jolette founded a company with the goal to improve on products around your house and for travel and adds a modern touch to the old way of doing things. Starting with DuviBuddy for the bedroom, and most recently Catcchii for the on-the-go business woman's hair, she develops product lines that is focussed on easy living.

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