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How buying from Proudly South African companies can grow the economy

Duvibuddy is Proudly South African

Qualifying to use the Proudly South African logo on your products and marketing is seen as a badge of honour.

The story of the Proudly South African symbol started in 2001, with former SA president Nelson Mandela. He wanted to be able to have local stories that are synonymous with national pride.

The symbol is there to instil pride in South African manufacturing and product development. The colours of the logo reflect all the colours of the South African flag. It is known as the logo of pride.

Duvibuddy is Proudly South African

Duvibuddy is a proud member of this association and contributes to the South African economy and the job market.

All the aspects of the business are proudly South African, from the manufacture of the innovative bedding to marketing and distribution, right to the SA consumers.

Duvibuddy has a rich heritage of product research to bring only the best quality and innovation to the market.

Duvibuddy ensures that locals are employed in designing, making, packaging, and storing Duvibuddy products by focusing on local production. Now, more than ever, do local jobs need to be secured and promoted. Of course, it could be cheaper to import textiles and bedding from the east, but focusing on the ultimate goal of supporting local benefits more South Africans.

Next in the line is the local courier company that is a partner in maintaining the national pride. When you ensure the smaller but local businesses are included in getting the local products to the local consumer, you are hiring someone’s mom, dad, uncle, or partner. Not a global company with international shareholders.

The winning does not stop there. Using local SME companies to build and manage marketing platforms, websites, etc., and the financial and auditing aspects of the business, the circle is entirely South African.

Buy Local, Support Local, Grow Local

We have been mesmerised by international brands and products for many years, assuming they are better than locally made. But this is a thing of the past. South African innovation is showing to trump many of the international brands. When we give the local brands and companies the support they deserve, they will thrive alongside their employees and partner SME companies to keep the local economy going.

Choose to support local, Choose Duvibuddy.

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