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What makes DuviBuddy your ideal sleeping Buddy?

What Makes DuviBuddy Your Ideal Sleeping Buddy

DuviBuddy? Never heard of it? Let me paint you a picture that I am sure you are all well too familiar with.

Have you ever battled to get your duvet into its cover? Undoing the buttons. Trying to get the corners of the duvet to meet the corners of the cover? Shaking it like a sumo wrestler to get it all adjusted?

DuviBuddy makes it simple.

Just unzip the Duvet Cover and follow the attached Directional labels on the inside of the cover and inner. Then zip it up again. Flat. Corners meeting corners. Ready for you to cuddle up in your bed in under a minute.

How Does DuviBuddy Distinguish Itself?

DuviBuddy is a complete system that takes you from the freshness of spring, through the sizzling summer, past the bracing autumn, and into the embrace of winter.

In summer, just use the ultra-light inner for a happy and healthy sleep. And when the weather turns chilly, swap your inner for a thicker one namely the All Seasons inner.

But that is not all

Yes, you guessed it, there is more. DuviBuddy comes in all of the standard bed sizes, and some not-so-standard ones. Whether you have a Single/Three-Quarter, Double, Queen, or King size mattress, there’s one to meet your needs. We’ve also extended the range for people with bigger beds. The Comfort King ( 280x230cm) and Emperor King (295x230cm).

DuviBuddy sizes will keep you snuggled up from top to toe. A first in South Africa and solving many customer’s problems of finding someone to custom make the larger size duvets for that extra snuggle.

The DuviBuddy pillows and pillow cases also come in a Standard and a King Pillow, so you can choose your favourite size for your bed. The added stuffing and Zip-ID pillows allow you to add or remove stuffing at will, so you can have a flatter or firmer pillow, depending on what you prefer. To top it all you can ID your pillow by the colour of your zip.

DuviBuddy wants to make your life easier, so the addition of the Duvi, mattress topper and BuddyUp’s are the additional brand extensions that you can add to your order to simplify your life.

All of the products are easily washable and keep their colour and shape, wash after wash. Prototypes and existing customers have proven that the zips ,which are made in South Africa, lasts.

You do not have to be concerned about maintaining your duvet inners or Duvi, as they do not contain any animal products. You can pop them in the washing machine for an easy wash and dry.

These advanced product benefits make adding Duvibuddy to your home the best decision you can make. For more information on our products, care and use, please follow our social media channels here.

You can safely shop online for fast delivery right to your door today.

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