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South African Innovation Strikes Again

DuviBuddy Innovation duvet bedding

When we talk innovation, you don’t have to look far. Duvibuddy is changing up the bedding market with its innovative and patented designs. Why we have not had this kind of upset in the bedding market before is just astounding.

The 3-way zip concept was born out of pure frustration of having to battle to change the bedding every week. The larger the duvet and duvet cover, the more challenging it is to ensure the duvet is neatly in the duvet cover.

Well, the days of having to stand on the bed to shake the duvet into place or lose yourself inside the cover to get the corners neatly in their slot are over. The zip concept is easy to follow, manage and align with the tabs on the duvet’s and sheets.

South African Innovation

The Duvibuddy team has been hard at work, ensuring that the product looks beautiful and a truly South African brand. No cheap Chinese imports, fake “Egyptian cotton claims,” or sweatshops are involved in the company. Jolette Walters, the inventor of the 3-way zip concept, is adamant about keeping it local.

The Duvibuddy products are invented and made in South Africa by South Africans. Homegrown is the philosophy when it comes to Duvibuddy excellence. The manufacturing process, delivery and fulfilment is all locally done. Using smaller South African businesses, ensures everyone can grow.

We have had the notion that international innovation and quality are better for so long, but this brand is blowing that concept right out of the water with its vibrant and innovative creations. Local is truly lekker and the added benefit of job creation is just the cherry on the cake.

The duvet cover is a godsend for everyone that battles with changing their bedding due to injury, strength, or even tight spaces. The easy-to-use 3-way zip helps you to get the duvet into the tight corners in an instant and a zip-zip, and it is all done. You, your housekeeper and family members will be grateful for the ease of changing the duvet cover. Laundry day is no longer a mission to get the covers off and back on again.

Happy customers

Customers of the Duvibuddy sets rave about the quality of the duvet covers. The zips are wash and iron proof, making them a breeze to use every day. They come in a variety of colours to suit your room and colour schemes.

The 200 thread count is soft and gentle on your skin, and the 300 thread count offers that crisp new feeling of clean bedding. There is no need for expensive imported products or any items made from animals. The Duvibuddy bedding is 100% animal friendly.

They even have colour-coded pillows to stop the arguing of whose pillow belongs to whom at night! These are ideal for kids rooms, partners pillows and even for travel.  These small innovations are what makes the Duvibuddy brand so interesting and different from the rest of the products in the market.

The fully customisable pillows mean you can add the inside stuffing to your liking, with extra filling available for when your pillow wears down or when you change your mind about the firmness of your pillow. So instead of having to buy a new pillow every time, you can easily add more filling to get back to that new pillow feeling.

Shop for your Duvibuddy products today and feel the difference in homegrown luxury. Follow our social media pages for more updates and innovations.

Duvibuddy is a 100% online store, if you need more information or to speak to a consultant about your purchase, please call us on +27 (0) 72 354 5497.



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