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Follow that obsession

Follow your obsession

As a young child, I had a so-called “obsession” with a bed. Today, I realised that this was my passion manifesting in a way that everyone else described as obsession.

My bed had to be neat and precise, there was simply no exceptions. I spent time fussing over the details, ensuring that all the sides were equal in length and width; so much so that my mother thought I was possibly in the military in a previous life. Can you imagine that?

Simultaneously perplexed and amazed, she’d watch as I perfected my bed – every move, calculated and careful. Back then, we didn’t have duvets, so we had to make do with a fussy combination of sheets and blankets. There were also no fitted sheets which meant that I was meticulous about my sheets, folded in origami-like precision. When she woke me, I would slide out carefully; and when it was bedtime, I’d prudently slide myself into the top of the bed, as to not disturb my work of art. Most of the time, my bed looked like no one slept in it at all.

I loosened up a little, as one does when they get older – I like to think that I’ve ‘chilled’ a bit – but not to the degree where anything goes. No – a neat, balanced, and well-made bed is still a requirement. Granted, now that we have animals and kids that take up space with us, it’s impossible to hold on to my origami-precise bed-making dreams. Like fine dining, I am into fine bedroom experiences!

Most people boast that they’ve travelled the world to experience the most amazing food. Similarly, I have travelled the world (and eaten the delicious food), but have only come across a tiny handful of fine bedroom experiences where the linen is crisp and fresh, and the bed is not lumpy, soft, or springy. In fact, some of our greatest disappointments have been finding ourselves in beautiful bedrooms with the bleak contrast of lumpy beds and musty linen, in some of the plushest hotels in the most exciting cities around the world! And, I guess that in some way, with all the effort put into fine dining and very little effort put into fine bedroom-ing, I felt inspired to create something…

From obsession to reality

Considering we spend precious time in our beds – let’s say an average of between 6 and 8 hours a day, for most – we set out to create a fuss-free solution that would take on the trend of tired, musty old linen. We wanted to establish and create something that would leave people feeling inspired – whether that feeling was the inspiration to sleep or tackle the world, we didn’t care; we just wanted to make something that would leave people feeling like they’d had the best night’s sleep.

With that in mind and after experiencing bad beds in hotels, at relatives, and at friends, we founded and created DuviBuddy. Something so special that it completely takes away the grudge of making a bed.

It is a linen for the people, if you will; a seamless bed-making experience that cuts out the drama of wrestling with a fitted sheet or cursing at your duvet as you shimmy and battle with it to get it into its cover.

All these years later, my little obsession has become my biggest passion – my life’s work. My younger self would be amazed – and not just at what we’ve created. I bet she would also marvel at fitted sheets and duvets, and the eloquent touch of colour we’ve added to round it off!

Welcome to DuviBuddy – we are so glad you are here.

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