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DuviBuddy: A proud and truly South African company

DuviBuddy: A Truly South African Company

DuviBuddy, a linen company at home in South Africa. It sounds like a cliché, but it is our home – we’ve travelled the world and have been lucky enough to have had opportunities to live elsewhere – New York, Austria, Dubai; but, when push came to shove, our choice was always to stay.

We get that some people might wonder about why we would pass on the opportunity to live somewhere, or even start a company in another country… easier but, truth be told, we’ve had a love affair with South Africa, which makes it almost impossible to leave. Our heritage – a shared history – means that we are bound here. Bound by the same soil that fed and nurtured our families and communities year ago, offers the same nourishment to our youth. We are connected to this place; not by our material possessions, but by our steadfast, invisible roots.

In our humble opinion, our country is the most beautiful place in the world – from our nature to the diversity of our cultures; something that’s very hard to find anywhere else in the world. These things are an asset to South Africa, and only nurture the love we have for our home. From this love stems our desire to make it better, too – we all want a country that thrives economically, and for our people to have secure jobs and a purpose. We believe that part of making South Africa better, quite simply, means that we also need to play an active role in adding economic and employment value to our country. With this belief in mind, we decided to create our company – DuviBuddy – to add value to South Africa.

A proud South African company

We’re a proudly South African company – every fibre of our existence is owed to a golden thread of its people and businesses that have given something of themselves to our dream. From our manufacturing plant to our Intellectual Property lawyer, we have focused on building a network of businesses that share our vision, and love our home just as much as we do. That way, no one could ever take away the fact that DuviBuddy was born and nurtured from our great land.

It also helps that our products have been designed and developed for the South African climate – something that you don’t usually find in our mainstream retail stores. We’ve carefully formulated products that consider the seasons – the oppressive heat in summer, the icy cold winters, and the unpredictable nature of South Africa’s spring and autumn. We focused on the domestic nature of the South African community – we needed to create something that was easy to wash, could accommodate our fur and human babies, and didn’t cause a palaver when making the bed. And lastly, through our manufacturing and business processes, we wanted to ensure that we were indirectly creating or maintaining employment for South African people.

It sometimes feels a little overwhelming to look at how far we’ve come – from the dream, to our reality. DuviBuddy has been a labour of love, and has taken up space in so many lives. Needless to say, our brand was created for South Africans, by South Africans – and we’re so proud!

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